Cat Corner

We are slaves to 2 Abyssinian cats that take up 90% of the pictures in my camera roll. If I don’t give them this space, then this will become just another cat blog. They are brother and sister and currently 2 years old.

Ruddy Abyssinian He is a simple cat. If he has food, a warm place to sleep, and mouse toys then he is generally pretty happy. Easy-going but a little goofy. Never bites or scratches, but will squeak and whine when he wants a snack or to play.  His favorite place to sit is on my keyboard…when I am working.

Blue Abyssinian

Code name killer beauty.  She gives with one paw and take with the other.  Nimble and good at climbing. She is also very picky about her surroundings. When she wants pets, she will headbutt you with no mercy. Her hobby is to tease her poor brother.


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