Thoughts from my Japanese husband: Movie edition

In order to find important cultural differences in our relationship, and myself having the strong desire to work for the good of science, I often engage in discussions with my husband to further understand his perspective on things we experience together.

I have asked him in English about what he thought of some films we watched together. From his answers I have compiled a list of 1 line movie reviews. Please keep in mind he is a very special guy, and his answers reflect his specialness.

Probably more accurate than Rotten Tomatoes. For Real.

1. Intersteller
“Now I know what it feels like to be a father.”

2. American Sniper
“I don’t know why it had to end so sad. That’s depressing”

3. Tom Hanks
Not a movie, but he asked me if Tom Hanks was in all those documentaries like Captain Phillips.

4. Poltergeist

5. The Lego Movie
“Everything is awesome”. (note: This has been his catch phrase since watching it. Several months ago.)

6. Pacific Rim
“It reminded me of my childhood.” (I think he is an Ultraman fan)

7. Jurassic World
“It was really interesting, but I don’t remember why”

8. Guardians of the Galaxy
“Lots of good action but boring.”

9. Evangelion 3.0: You Can (not) Redo
“Anyone who says they understand this is lying.”

10. Ringu
Cowered in fear and did not receive a comment.

11. Frozen
“The songs I didn’t really like, but it is memorable.”

12. Rec
“The scale is 3 from 1-5 because it’s just okay.”

13. Maleficent
“It sucks. The story is totally different from the original story.”

14. Back to the Future
“Kissing his mom was not the point of the movie.”

Some great insights from this, but even after all this time it is hard for me to predict what he will like or not. The biggest surprise so far is how he turned into a big Les Miserables fan after seeing Hugh Jackman sing.


6 thoughts on “Thoughts from my Japanese husband: Movie edition

  1. Camille Moï Moï says:

    13. Maleficent
    “It sucks. the story is totally different from the original story.”
    There is no original story?? About Maleficent I mean. But yeah, the movie sucked. Except for Angelina, she was exceptional ❤

    7. Jurassic World
    “It was really interesting, but i don’t remember why”
    This is my favourite movie review ever. I don't know if it's praising the movie or putting it down lol
    Way to keep Hollywood on its toes haha

    Liked by 1 person

    • Johanna says:

      I think he was expecting to be more in line with the Disney animation, but the love story between her and the king was not essential to making it interesting. We talked about that for a bit, so maybe that’s it? Or maybe he was expecting that owl to dance with Sleeping Beauty? WHO KNOWS.


  2. sakimi says:

    My Japanese boyfriend also keeps on listening to Les Miserables. Maybe Hugh Jackman’s voice special frequency stimulates emittance of oxytocin in Japanese males’ brain, haha 😉

    I have to confess, I might have ruined the new Godzilla release for him though, as I kept rambling on about glorification of the military in these kind of movies on the way home.

    My biggest surprise was discovering he owned The Devil wears Prada and 500 Days of Summer, but then again, he liked Zooey Deschanel.


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