One reason why I’m glad I’m an expat

Sometimes I think about what I would have been doing if I never came to Japan. Would things have been better or worse? What type of person would I have become?

This could have happened. Did I dodge a huge bullet?

This could have happened. Did I dodge a huge bullet?

I’ve been out of the loop from American popular culture the last 10 years. I’ll be honest- I have no clue about 70-80% of whatever is going on in the US. Please don’t ask me.

However, that’s okay though because it also means that I don’t have to be exposed or care about anything related to a celebrity scandal or reality TV series finale. I can pick and choose exactly what I want to see or read when I want to. It’s also never a priority. That sort of information holds no value in my everyday life here, socially or otherwise.

Sometimes it’s funny because when I visit the US, I have no idea what everyone is getting all excited over. I have to secretly look up stuff to get back “in the loop”, and even then it feels like I’m doing some sort of weird homework assignment.  However, I now have complete immunity to anything stupid that happens in the media, and I usually can just focus on things that I genuinely like in my free time. I don’t have that pressure to watch TV and all that stuff like I did when I was younger, and that is pretty cool.

Also, the longer and farther you are away from all of this, the more objective your point of view becomes. It does feel a bit strange to realize how disconnected you can become with your home country. Even with watching things over the internet, you never will be on the same page as everyone back home.

I really like this aspect of being an expat the more I think about it.


2 thoughts on “One reason why I’m glad I’m an expat

  1. pasttherabbithole says:

    So true! Last time I went back to Paris, all my friends were saying this weird sentence that can’t really be translated. Took me 3 days to find out it was from a stupid TV reality show :/ haha

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